Should I Grade My Card? A Breakdown of the Numbers.

You have to do your HOMEWORK and you have to be HONEST! Look up comps to determine the risk you have if your grade comes back lower than expected. You also have to be honest as to the condition of your card. EVERYONE wants their card to be perfect… but by not being honest with yourself… you are only burning MORE money by convincing yourself a likely PSA 8 is a PSA 10…

Are Baseball Cards Worth Collecting? (An Honest Answer)

Baseball card collecting used to be a trendy hobby. But what about now? Are baseball cards still worth collecting today? We have the answer for you: Yes, baseball cards are still worth collecting. They have only gone up over the last 10 years and have continued to set records at auctions. Many people buy baseball […]

The Best Place to Buy Sports Cards Online (A-Z)

First off, yes, you can buy sports cards online.  But if you’re looking to know the best place to buy from, we’ve got the simplest answer for you:  The best place to buy sports cards online is through a sports card breaker. It’s affordable and provides the best value and experience for the money. eBay, […]

Who Are the Best Sports Card Breakers? (Top-Rated & Best Featured)

We’ve interacted and worked with many case and box breaking companies over the years.  Here are some of the top-ranked sport card breakers in 2021 based on our data: The Clubhouse Layton Sports Cards MojoBreak Filthbomb Breaks Backyard Breaks  Jaspys Case Breaks Pullwax The Coffee Breakers These breakers have earned their spot on the list […]

How to Tell if Your Sports Cards Are Actually Worth Money

If you have some old sports cards in your closet or just recently started collecting, you might be curious how much they are worth. Maybe you could get some good money for them! To find out if your sports cards are worth anything here is what we recommend doing: First, find out the player’s name, […]

How Do Group Breaks Work? Sports Card Group Breaking Explained

You’ve probably heard of group breaking. But if you’re still confused about what it is and the process, here’s the simplest and most straightforward explanation on how it works: One person (typically “the breaker”) purchases an unopened box or case of cards from a manufacturer. They then sell multiple “spots” to users (the buyers). Finally, […]

What Are Box Breaks? Here’s What You Need to Know

What are box breaks? Why do we hear more about this sports card method? Box breaks have become something of a phenomenon throughout recent years. A feature in the LA Times revealed that box breaking has surged in popularity. But why? At The Clubhouse, we’ve been a breaker for over ten years and understand a […]

Are Box Breaks Worth It?

If you’re new to the sports card industry, you might be asking yourself the question “are box breaks worth it?”

A live box break is essentially when a group of people purchase a box full of sports cards. The breaker (i.e. the seller) opens the cards during a live video session and the users (i.e. the buyers) watch and hope to obtain rare and valuable cards.

For buyers, this method of purchasing increases their chances of obtaining a big hit while reducing the cost to participate in the hobby. Hundreds of thousands of people participate in box breaks each week, but does that mean it’s worth it for you?