How it Works


Group Breaks

What is a Group Break? : A Group Break is when a Group of people pool together to open product at a reduced cost per person. It allows people to take an expensive product, and enjoy it at an affordable price point. 

How much do Group Breaks cost? : The cost of Group Breaks vary based on what product is being opened, and how many people are splitting the cost of that product. 

Who gets which cards? : For team breaks, the card goes to the team who’s logo is on the card. What jersey they are wearing, or the color of the memorabilia in the card do not factor in the decision. If the card does not state a team (collegiate, unlicensed etc…) the deciding order is 1) CURRENT TEAM 2) MOST GAMES PLAYED 3) If they were drafted and never played it would go to their Draft Team.

What types of Group Breaks are there?

  • Pick Your Price Break : This is an exclusive break method for The Clubhouse! Instead of us assigning values to teams… we let YOU do that! We assign a Reserve for the break as a whole and you place bids on teams in a group effort to reduce the Reserve down to $0! Watch the tutorial HERE!
  • Random Team Break : Each person pays the same price and receives a Random Team once the break is full
  • Pick Your Team Break : Each person selects which teams they want to buy, and pay a variable price based on how strong that team is in the products in that specific break
  • Serial Number Break : Each person receives a Random Number (0-9) and gets any card that has a serial number ending in their Random Number. Example : a card numbered 14/99 would go to whoever has #4
  • Divisional Group Break : Each person receives a Random Division (instead of just 1 Team) once the break is full
  • Random Hit Group Break : In this method, each spot purchased results in a guaranteed hit(s) for the participant. Each hit is distributed at random between participants 

What do you do with multi-team cards? : When a card is pulled that has multiple teams, we random the card to determine the owner. For example is a card is pulled with 2 Patriots, 1 Ram and 1 Titan on the card, it would be a 4 Spot Random with Patriots having the best chance of landing the card. In the event that a High Dollar card is pulled, we will contact the owners and see if they can all agree on either A) Selling and splitting or B) One person buying out the rest … if no agreement is reached by ALL involved, the default is to random the card. 

How many times do you randomize? : We run all randoms 3 TIMES… no rhyme or reason, just the way it has always been. Enough to mix it up, yet not so many times that it is over-kill.

Shipping & Procedures

What cards are shipped? : Unless otherwise stated in the item listing, all breaks will ship Autos, Relics, Serial Numbered Cards, Inserts and Rookies. We take base cards and donate them to various schools and kids organizations. 

When do I get my cards? : We send out weekly shipments to our members. This allows for a regular shipment each week, while minimizing how many total packages we are entrusting to the USPS. We ship at the START of each week the cards from the PREVIOUS week. This is a 48 Hour process, and you can expect a tracking number sent to the email address on your account in that time frame. 

Where do you ship my cards? : We ship all packages to the Shipping Address on the order. 

How do you protect my cards? : We penny sleeve, top load and team bag all Autos, Relics and High Value Rookies/Inserts and we use Acrylic 2-Piece Boxes for the inserts and parallels. We do NOT ship in One-Touches unless a card comes out of a product in a One-Touch. All major grading operations recommend using One-Touches for DISPLAY PURPOSES ONLY and not for safety in transportation.