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Pick Your Price … ?!?!


Since the early days of Group Breaking, our community has always tried to push the envelope. To adapt and grow the category, and not just sit back and ride on the success other people’s efforts. If you have been with us for 10 Years, you will remember the first Pick Your Team break… you will remember the first Team Draft break (fortunately we took that behind the barn and, well, you know). From there we introduced Divisional Breaks, Draft Breaks, Player Breaks, Serial Number breaks and more…

One thing that ALWAYS peeved me about Pick Your Team breaks was the fact that buyers put all of their trust in the Group break host to be knowledgeable of the product AND the ever-changing market for the teams and players that the product consisted of. So many times I would see a Pick Your Team break being done 3 Months after the initial release… with the SAME PRICING as when it came out. Even though the market for the Rookies in the set had changed DRASTICALLY, the breakers weren’t adjusting pricing in real time! That was the beginning of Pick Your Price.

What if members could pay a price for a team in REAL TIME?! What is there was a democratic process to pricing the breaks? Not just me telling someone what they need to pay for a specific team. What if for every HOT team that sold for a LOT of money, there was another team that sold for CHEAP since the other team sold for so much? What if there was a way to not miss out on a team because you weren’t on the website the second a break posted? After over a year of testing, tweaking, testing, tweaking and teaching the users… Pick Your Price has finally reached a matured state.

It is as simple as ADDING A PAYMENT METHOD (or checking the ‘Paypal’ Box in Account Details) and making sure you have a Shipping Address on file. Once those things have been completed you will automatically see the teams, the current prices and the places to bid on each team.

As you bid on a team, it decreases the Remaining Reserve for the break as a whole. Once that Reserve hits $0 a Final Bidding period begins that is ONLY FOR the people who have bid on the break up to that point! Once there have been NO BIDS for 30 Seconds the break will close. Every time a NEW BID is placed it will reset the countdown to 30 Seconds. No more getting sniped at the last second. You ALWAYS have a chance to snipe back!

Pick Your Price is different… it is strange at first… however, at its core it puts the power in YOUR hands to pay what you want!