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Grading FAQs

There are a long list of reasons members love to use our services for grading. From looking over the cards ourselves, to handling all of the paperwork. From splitting shipping costs, and driving prices down for our members by submitting large amounts of cards at a time. Grading with The Clubhouse is as easy as it gets!

Here at The Clubhouse, we are ALWAYS accepting cards for Grading Submissions.

Below are the Grading options we currently have, as well as directions on submitting cards you hit in a break with us, or cards you have sitting at home that you would love to grade and protect forever.

There is a $15 charge for INTERNATIONAL Shipping added to each International Submission. 

*Pricing is subject to change and turnaround times are estimates. If you would like insured return shipping from The Clubhouse to you, just ask for a quote upon return of your cards from the grading company*

PSA : Super Express ($435/Card + Return Shipping)

  • All Years Allowed
  • MAX Value of $4999
  • Current Estimated Turnaround = 10 Days

For ALL Grading Companies, cards need to be sent in a CARD SAVER. If you are sending in cards to us to submit, please have them in Card Savers. If you do not we will add them to your invoice at .25 Cents each.

If we hit a card in a break that you would like graded you can email us at [email protected] and let us know which service level and which cards you would like graded.

Please mail all packages, with cards marked for which grading company you would like to use, as well as a valid cell number and email address to :

The Clubhouse
Attn : Grading Submission
PO Box 32282
Kansas City, MO 64171

Once a submission is full we will text/email all members with a link to PAY for the submission. 

After you have read this post, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us using CONTACT US

Please understand that we DO NOT RESPOND to emails/messages asking about the status of a submission. As soon as it arrives we will text all members that are a part of it with a link to watch the LIVE unboxing. There is NO UPDATE that we can give you once the submission is sent.