Are Box Breaks Worth It?

If you’re new to the sports card industry, you might be asking yourself the question “are box breaks worth it?”

A live box break is essentially when a group of people purchase a box full of sports cards. The breaker (i.e. the seller) opens the cards during a live video session and the users (i.e. the buyers) watch and hope to obtain rare and valuable cards.

For buyers, this method of purchasing increases their chances of obtaining a big hit while reducing the cost to participate in the hobby. Hundreds of thousands of people participate in box breaks each week, but does that mean it’s worth it for you? 

Welcome to 2021

We are continually amazed by the kindness and generosity that is displayed from the members of this amazing community! This holiday season we hope you are surrounded by blessings, during a year when blessings have often times felt few and far between. Stay Positive, Much Love.  

Grading FAQs

There are a long list of reasons members love to use our services for grading. From looking over the cards ourselves, to handling all of the paperwork. From splitting shipping costs, and driving prices down for our members by submitting large amounts of cards at a time. Grading with The Clubhouse is as easy as […]

Pick Your Price … ?!?!

Since the early days of Group Breaking, our community has always tried to push the envelope. To adapt and grow the category, and not just sit back and ride on the success other people’s efforts. Pick Your Price is different, at its core it puts the power in YOUR hands to pay what you want!

Clubhouse Cares

Hello Clubhouse Family! I hope all of you are adjusting to this “new normal” and are staying positive as we all navigate these waters together! A few days ago, while shopping at the grocery store… I saw so much immediate need around me. I immediately thought, “What can WE do as a community to help […]

What the?!?! Q&A

In conversation with members I always seem to get a plethora of questions… so why not give you guys control of the blog?!?! Below are some member-submitted questions… some fun, some serious… but all valid 😉 juantoro asked “Where, why, & how did you start playing hockey? I mean your area is somewhat like mine […]

The Beginning…

People often ask me, “What do you do? How did you get into the breaking industry?” I will touch more on that later… This all started when I was all of 3 or 4 years old. My dad would take my brother and I up to the local card shop that doubled as a travel […]