HOT RELEASE : 2020 Prizm Hobby Football 3 Box PICK YOUR PRICE CATEGORY Group Break #5597

Remaining reserve amount:


Product in Break : 2020 Panini Prizm Hobby Football (3 Boxes)


Minimum Bid Increase : $5



Here at The Clubhouse we send ALL BREAK PARTICIPANTS a text message when the break is full. The text includes a link to watch LIVE and an approximate time for the break! No more trying to guess if a break has happened yet or not! All full breaks will break during our next live session (Break Schedule is posted on the Ticker Bar at the top of the page)

Final Bidding is now a 10 Minute Timer, that will reset to 30 Seconds with ANY BID in the final 30 Seconds!

In order to participate in Final Bidding, you must have placed a bid in the initial PYP phase! Once the Reserve Reaches $0 a Final Bidding Period will begin with a Countdown.

Every time ANY BID is placed during Final Bidding, the clock will reset to allow for continued bidding (and to eliminate sniping)


Available Teams

Team Current Bid Your Bid
Team Current Bid Your Bid
2020 Prizm Hobby FB Variations

Rookies – Silver, ALL Non Rookie Base, ALL Rookie Base, Autos – Base Prizm, Autos – Black Finite, Autos – Camo, Autos – Gold, Autos – Gold Vinyl, Autos – Green Scope, Autos – Purple Power, Autos – Red Wave, Base – Black Finite, Base – Blue Ice, Base – Blue Wave, Base – Camo, Base – Gold, Base – Gold Vinyl, Base – Green Scope, Base – Hyper, Base – Orange, Base – Purple, Base – Purple Power, Base – Red Wave, Base – Snakeskin, Flashback Autographs, Franchise Legends Sigs, Inserts – All Out!, Inserts – Aurora, Inserts – Brilliance, Inserts – Color Blast, Inserts – Emergent, Inserts – Fireworks, Inserts – Go Hard, Inserts – Hype, Inserts – Illumination, Inserts – Instant Impact, Inserts – Lockdown, Inserts – Stained Glass, Inserts – Unstoppable, Rookie Patch Autos, Rookies – Black Finite, Rookies – Blue Ice, Rookies – Blue Wave, Rookies – Camo, Rookies – Gold, Rookies – Gold Vinyl, Rookies – Green Scope, Rookies – Hyper, Rookies – Orange, Rookies – Purple, Rookies – Purple Power, Rookies – Red Wave, Rookies – Snakeskin, Sensational Sigs, Base – Silver