2019/20 UD Artifacts Hockey Case PICK YOUR PRICE Group Break #4311

Remaining reserve amount:


Product in Break : 2019-20 Upper Deck Artifacts Hockey 10-Box Case

Minimum Bid Increase : $2

For Artifacts, the Rookie Roman Numeral Redemptions will be assigned as follows : I (New Jersey) , II (New York Rangers) , III (Chicago Blackhawks) , IV (Colorado Avalanche) , V (Los Angeles Kings) ANY NUMBER ABOVE 5 will be randomed among ALL TEAMS in the break! These rules will be in affect up until Upper Deck Releases the checklist for these cards!


Starting bids will now be 50-75% of the projected FINAL PRICE of a team. This is just a guide to help people know who the larger (and smaller) teams are in a product!

Final Bidding is now a 10 Minute Timer, that will reset to 30 Seconds with ANY BID in the final 30 Seconds!

In order to participate in Final Bidding, you must have placed a bid in the initial PYP phase! Once the Reserve Reaches $0 a Final Bidding Period will begin with a Countdown.

Every time ANY BID is placed during Final Bidding, the clock will reset to allow for continued bidding (and to eliminate sniping)


Available Teams

Team Current Bid Your Bid
Team Current Bid Your Bid

Anaheim Ducks , Arizona Coyotes , Boston Bruins , Buffalo Sabres , Calgary Flames , Carolina Hurricanes , Chicago Blackhawks , Colorado Avalanche , Columbus Blue Jackets, Dallas Stars , Detroit Red Wings , Edmonton Oilers , Florida Panthers , Los Angeles Kings , Minnesota Wild , Montreal Canadiens , Nashville Predators , New Jersey Devils , New York Islanders , New York Rangers , Ottawa Senators , Philadelphia Flyers , Pittsburgh Penguins , Saint Louis Blues , San Jose Sharks , Tampa Bay Lightning , Toronto Maple Leafs , Vancouver Canucks , Vegas Golden Knights, Washington Capitals, Winnipeg Jets