Are Baseball Cards Worth Collecting? (An Honest Answer)

Baseball card collecting used to be a trendy hobby. But what about now? Are baseball cards still worth collecting today? We have the answer for you: Yes, baseball cards are still worth collecting. They have only gone up over the last 10 years and have continued to set records at auctions. Many people buy baseball […]

The Best Place to Buy Sports Cards Online (A-Z)

First off, yes, you can buy sports cards online.  But if you’re looking to know the best place to buy from, we’ve got the simplest answer for you:  The best place to buy sports cards online is through a sports card breaker. It’s affordable and provides the best value and experience for the money. eBay, […]

Who Are the Best Sports Card Breakers? (Top-Rated & Best Featured)

We’ve interacted and worked with many case and box breaking companies over the years.  Here are some of the top-ranked sport card breakers in 2021 based on our data: The Clubhouse Layton Sports Cards MojoBreak Filthbomb Breaks Backyard Breaks  Jaspys Case Breaks Pullwax The Coffee Breakers These breakers have earned their spot on the list […]