TERRIFIC TRIFECTA : 2021 Topps Formula 1 Chrome Sapphire, 2022 Sapphire, Hobby & LITE PICK YOUR TEAM Group Break #9257 + 5 for $500 GIVEAWAY


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5 for $500 GIVEAWAY – 1 PERSON who is in at LEAST 5 of the MAIN BREAKS tonight (#9256-#9261) will win $500 in BREAK CREDIT! ALL SPOTS YOU HAVE in the Main Breaks will be entries! If you have 1 Spot in 5 Breaks you would get 5 Entries, if you have 1 Spot in 4 Breaks and 10 Spots in the 5th Break… you would have 14 Entries etc…

Product in Break : 

2022 Topps Formula 1 Chrome SAPPHIRE 1/5 Case (2 Boxes)

2021 Topps Formula 1 Chrome SAPPHIRE 1/5 Case (2 Boxes)

2022 Topps Formula 1 Chrome Hobby 1/4 Case (3 Boxes)

2022 Topps Formula 1 Chrome LITE 1/4 Case (4 Boxes)


Any ART DU GRAND PRIX cards will be randomed among all participants!



INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING adds $25 PER International User per BREAK (If you buy multiple spots it is still only $25 Total) which can be purchased using Clubhouse Cash in the Closers Section! If you are shipping to a United States Address the it is Free Shipping!


All Autos, Parallels, Inserts, Variations, Portraits and RC will ship. Regular base that are not Portrait will not. 


BREAK DATE : Here at The Clubhouse we send ALL BREAK PARTICIPANTS a text message when the break is full. The text includes a link to watch LIVE and an approximate time for the break! No more trying to guess if a break has happened yet or not! All full breaks will break during our next live session!


You can watch the break in our LIVE ROOM and join the chat!

All breaks are loaded to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL after the breaks for that evening are finished.

If you have any questions about how Group Breaks work you can check out the HOW IT WORKS section of The Clubhouse!

Make sure your Shipping Information is up to date before checking out! We ship to the address attached to the order.

2022 F1 Teams

Alfa Romeo, All F2, AlphaTauri, Alpine, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Haas, Mclaren, Mercedes, Red Bull, Williams