RACE WEEKEND : 2021 Topps Formula 1 Chrome Sapphire + Lite PICK YOUR PRICE Group Break #8135 + GIVEAWAY

Remaining reserve amount:

THE NATIONAL GIVEAWAY – We are aiming to giveaway $10,000 in BREAK CREDIT for the breaks we will host the week of the National! One person from THIS BREAK will win $50 in National Break Credit (will be sent out to members the week of the National)


Product In Break :

2021 Topps Formula 1 Chrome Racing SAPPHIRE Box

2021 Topps Formula 1 Chrome Racing LITE Box


Minimum Bid Increase : $5 


All cards ship!


BREAK DATE : THESE BREAKS ARE FOR JULY 5th (We will have a few special breaks on July 4th)


Final Bidding is now a 10 Minute Timer, that will reset to 30 Seconds with ANY BID in the final 30 Seconds!

In order to participate in Final Bidding, you must have placed a bid in the initial PYP phase! Once the Reserve Reaches $0 a Final Bidding Period will begin with a Countdown.

Every time ANY BID is placed during Final Bidding, the clock will reset to allow for continued bidding (and to eliminate sniping)

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Available Teams

Team Current Bid Your Bid
Team Current Bid Your Bid
21 Topps F1 Chrome Drivers

ALL OTHER CARDS, Antonio Giovinazzi, Carlos Sainz, Charles Leclerc, Christian Horner, Daniel Ricciardo, Esteban Ocon, Fernando Alonso, George Russell, Guanyu Zhou, Kimi Räikkönen, Lance Stroll, Lando Norris, Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, Mick Schumacher, Nicholas Latifi, Nikita Mazepin, Pierre Gasly, Sebastian Vettel, Sergio Pérez, Toto Wolff, Valtteri Bottas, Yuki Tsunoda