MAKE IT A COMBO : 2 SPOTS in EACH – F1 Mixer #10935 and One and One Bk #10934 + 1 SPOT in each Inception BB #10933 and Star Wars Masterworks #10932


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    12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS – EACH NIGHT between now and Christmas (12 Remaining Break Nights) we will be conducting a drawing! EVERY SPOT in any CLOSER, BONUS BREAK, MAIN BREAK etc… for that day will get 1 Entry! The winner for that night’s drawing will receive $50 in BREAK CREDIT per Main Break that filled for that night! ie. If we do 6 Main Breaks the winner would receive $300 in Break Credit! 

    PLUS… on Saturday, December 23rd we will have a Special Show in which we will take all 12 Nightly Winners and put them into 1 Drawing. The winner will be our 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS JACKPOT Winner! They will receive a CRAZY package of Break Credit, Cards, Packs & Memorabilia! One of the coolest giveaways we have ever done! Good luck to everyone!

    DOUBLE ENTRIES – Anyone who purchases a COMBO outright will get DOUBLE ENTRIES for the Nightly 12 Days of Christmas drawing from these spots!

    This will get you :

    2 SPOTS in WHALE CHASE : 2021 & 2022 Topps Formula 1 Sapphire Mixer RANDOM DRIVER Group Break #10935 + 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS

    2 SPOTS in DOWNTOWN CHASE : 2022-23 Panini One & One Basketball RANDOM TEAM Group Break #10934 + 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS

    1 SPOT in JAW DROPPER : 2023 Topps Inception Baseball 1/2 Case RANDOM TEAM Group Break #10933 + 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS

    1 SPOT in GEEK OUT : 2022 Topps Star Wars Masterwork RANDOM LETTER Group Break #10932 + 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS


    BREAK DATE : Here at The Clubhouse we send ALL BREAK PARTICIPANTS a text message when the break is full. The text includes a link to watch LIVE and an approximate time for the break!


    You can watch the break in our LIVE ROOM and join the chat!

    All breaks are loaded to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL after the breaks for that evening are finished.

    If you have any questions about how Group Breaks work you can check out the How It Works section of The Clubhouse!

    Make sure your Shipping Information is up to date before checking out! We ship to the address attached to the order.