LOADED SERIAL # CLOSER : 2023-24 Donruss Optic Fast Break Basketball PICK YOUR TEAM Group Break #12020 + NSCC CLOSER CREW


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    NSCC CLOSER CREW – Anyone who buys into a CLOSER/CLOSER BREAK/SERIAL # CLOSER from July 1st – July 19th will go into a random for National Break Credit! Each Closer/Closer Break will add $25 to the Daily Pot!

    10 SPOTS – 10 WINNERS

    Atlanta Hawks
    Brooklyn Nets
    Detroit Pistons
    Houston Rockets
    Indiana Pacers
    Miami Heat
    Orlando Magic
    Philadelphia Sixers
    Utah Jazz


    Here is how it works… instead of getting a Team, you get a serial number. If a card hits for any of these Spots listed above, it goes to whoever has the last number of the left serial number!

    All closers will either run once we go LIVE for that day’s Group Breaks OR when they fill. If we run them before going live we will post in our Facebook group when recording so people can verify the live nature of the video. If you miss the live video you can find it on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL All Filler Randoms are randomed 3 times!